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Our Mission

We are reinventing the way career records are shared across the global market.

Velocity Career Labs is on a mission to build the Internet of Career®, a globally accessible utility layer, allowing individuals to claim and own their verifiable career credentials, and share it with whom they decide to, allowing them to access better career opportunities.

The data layer underlying the labor market is broken. 4 Billion people are connected online, cars drive themselves, yet we still rely on self-reported resumes and online profiles to exchange one’s career data with prospective employers and other labor market stakeholders. As a matter of fact, today’s labor market’s data exchange infrastructure has more in common with the outdated postal service than this generation’s digital world. The right to work, to free choice of employment, is a basic human right. Breadth of one’s trusted career data and the free flow of it are key to personalized guidance and better opportunities.

We set out to reinvent how career records are shared across the global market, empowering individuals, businesses and educational institutions through transformational blockchain technology - public, open, trusted and self-sovereign.

We are the instigators of the Velocity Network™, the world’s network for verifiable and trusted career credentials, designed for the digital age. It’s governed by a membership nonprofit, set out to put people back in control over their career assets and build a globally accessible, trustworthy utility layer that connects the world of work.

It’s powered by blockchain, making it trusted, private and effortless for people to take ownership on their career credentials, choose whether to share them, decide how that data is used by others, and in the future even sell it and earn income on that sale, creating an economy around the ownership and transfer of valuable career-related data.

At the same time, employers and education providers are able to rely on trusted, immutable and verifiable employee, student and candidate data, seamlessly and cost effectively eliminating hiring risks, boosting productively, improving employee experience and achieving regulatory compliance.

Meet the leadership team

Join us and change the world of work

Andres Olave

Chief Technology Officer

Dror Gurevich

Chief Executive Officer

Etan Bernstein

Head of Ecosystem

Itay Podhajcer

Chief Architect

Michael Avoyan

Head of Mobile

Moshe Tzvi Wieder

Chief Information Officer

Nassan Paul

Head of Backend

Raj Chopra

Head of America's Ecosystem
Meet our advisors

Leaders in business, technology, and future of work

Jeff Epstein

Operating Partner, Bessemer

Ranjit De Sousa

Founder, The Coalyard

Eitan Katz

CEO, Diversifi