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Introducing Velocity Network™

A simple way to own, manage and share your career credentials

Global industry leaders, from across the Human Capital Management and Education markets, came together to deploy and run Velocity Network™: a globally accessible, open-source, Internet of Careers®, enabling one frictionless experience to exchange trusted career records, using the power of blockchain.

Your career
deserves this

The Career Wallet is a FREE app from Velocity Career Labs

It’s a simple and private way to claim your education and career credentials via Velocity Network™, store and manage them privately and share them with whomever you decide to.

Governed by the Velocity Network Foundation®, a global, non-profit, membership organization

The Velocity Network™ is governed by the Velocity Network Foundation®, a cooperative, non-profit, set out to put people back in control over their career records and build a globally accessible, trustworthy Internet of Careers®.

Vendors across HCM vendors, gig platforms, background and certification processors, education institutions, training vendors and employers join to govern the network and change the world of work.

Visit Velocity Network Foundation’s website