We are reinventing how career records – including  professional and student credentials and assessments, as well as employment and contract work records spanning job information, pay histories, skills, competencies and more – are shared across the labor market, empowering individuals, businesses and educational institutions through transformational blockchain technology. 

Public, open, trusted and self-sovereign. We call it the Internet of Careers.


Skills shortages, accelerated turnover, the growing contingent workforce and gig economy all drive a volatile and disruptive labor market. Yet, individuals and businesses still rely on costly, self- reported and slow methods to exchange former employment, professional achievements and educational certifications data, that are key to most employment-related processes.


As a matter of fact, the data layer infrastructure of today’s labor market has more in common with the outdated postal service than this generation’s digital world.

What if we could turn career achievements into digital credentials? Verified, secured and truly global?

What if everyone was invited to claim their credentials? Own them, privately store them, use them to access better opportunities? 

The right to work, to free choice of employment, is a basic human right. We envision a world in which every person has access to personalized career and development opportunities at the time it matters. Breadth of individual career data and the free flow of it are key to personalized guidance and better opportunities.


Velocity is designed to be the world’s network for verified and trusted career credentials, designed for the digital age.

It’s governed by a global nonprofit foundation, set out to put people back in control and build a globally accessible, trustworthy “Internet of Careers”.

It’s powered by blockchain, making it trusted, private and effortless for people to take ownership on their career credentials, choose whether to share them, decide how that data is used by others, and even sell it and earn income on that sale, creating an economy around the ownership and transfer of valuable career-related data.

At the same time, organizations will be able to rely on trusted, immutable and verified applicant, candidate, employee and student data, seamlessly and cost effectively eliminating hiring risks, boosting productively, improving employee and student experience and achieving regulatory compliance. 


Join us, as we move to change the world of work!